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A Skype Therapy? Really?

Is it possible? Is it effective? Is it real? All those questions are quite legitimate when considering a therapy over internet. My short answers are Yes, Yes and Yes.

Imagine your regular morning. You wake up, get dressed, make a cup of coffee and open your laptop. Now you are ready for your session. It's that easy.

Online therapy allows my clients to have an access to therapeutic sessions anywhere and anytime. That's especially helpful if you have a busy work schedule.

Online therapy not only saves your time, but allows you to choose any therapist worldwide since you're not bounded to your local area, actually. It makes it easier to find the one who you really feel comfortable with (see my other blog post called Client-Therapist: Right Match?)

Is Skype therapy real?

Are your Skype calls with your family real? Are business meetings over Skype real? Do they lead to changes? Do they lead to results? They certainly do. In other words, the Skype therapy is as real and as effective as you want it to be - similarly to the face-to-face therapy sessions.

Okay, but are there any disadvantages?

At the beginning, a lack of personal interaction might be an issue for someone who has never used Skype or any other online tools for communication. In that case, I recommend the first session or two to meet face-to-face, if possible. And then continue with online sessions to gain all the advantages mentioned above. A combination of online and personal meetings is also a good idea.

What research studies say about online therapy benefits?


If you travel frequently or about to move, the online therapy allows you to continue your sessions with the same therapist. That's especially important for the therapy process itself.


If your schedule varies from week to week so that you need some flexibility in order to commit to the therapy, the online sessions is a good choice. Also, if you work abroad and need a therapist speaking your mother language, someone "from home" understanding your culture is a good choice.


Perhaps you live in a community or work in a field in which it may be important not to reveal that you are in therapy. Or you simply find it difficult to leave work without explaining where are you going. The online therapy may be a solution.

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